Kaif Digital has introduced a number of Wall-Mount Monitors and Controllers, both in single and Multi-Channel category. These units do not require any additional enclosures or special wiring in cabinets or enclosures. Simply install them on the wall, bring in/out power and signal connections and you are ready to go!

Single-Channel Temperature Monitor - wPTM Series accepts J,K,T,E,R,S,B Thermocouples, Rtd or thermistor inputs for displaying temperature. Has built-in alarms.
Single-Channel Process Monitor - wPPM Series accepts voltage, loop-current or milli-volts, offers scaling and alarms.

Single-Zone Process Controller (wPTC Series) offers Five separate Ramp & Soak programs with PID as well as ON/OFF control. Has built-in Alarm option.

Multi-Zone Controllers (wMPC Series) offers up to 7 independent Controllers in a small wall mount package. Has the flexibility of PID as well as ON/OFF controller.
Multi-Channel Monitor - wMPS Series offers 4 & 7 programmable monitors in a single wall mount enclosure. Also has independent alarms for each channel along with a number of useful features.
Universal Relay Module (URM Series) offers up to eight 15-ampere relays and will work wih most controllers, panel meters PLCs etc.