Housed in a wall-mount, water-tight plastic enclosure, the wPTM 100 Series is a powerful temperature monitor/indicator. wPTM accepts a single Thermocouple, RTD or Thermistor sensor input and then displays the temperature in either degrees C or F. In addition, it also monitors a number of useful functions such as high and low process readings, process run time, rate of process change etc.

Keys are appropriately labeled, so that the user would not have to memorize their functionality. A passcode requirement keeps unauthorised personel from changing critical parameters such as limits, scaling etc.

Four process alarms (optional) are also featured, which are programmable over the entire range of selected input type. They can be configured as latching or non-latching, normally open or normally closed. Also provided are two timers (optional) that work independently or in conjunction with process limits e.g. turning on a fan ten minutes after limit 1 temperature is reached. The time function keeps track of process run time.

The wPTM also functions as a rate monitor, indicating instantaneous as well as average rate of temperature change. Programmable time base allows the rate to be displayed in per second, minute, hour or any other interval. Also, the unit can be programmed for a rate alarm. This allows control of a process if a predetermined rate is exceeded or not achieved.

The wPTM 100 Series can be programmed to indicate in one of seven possible display modes:

1. Display Process 2. Display rate of change
3. Display deviation 4. Display max reading
5. Scan all parameter 6. Display min reading
7. Display elapsed time

If scan mode is selected, all the above parameters are briefly displayed in a sequence. Dwell time for each mode is programmable.

Additional features include a built-in buzzer which comes on whenever a limit is reached. Visual indication of relay output status is given by LEDs on the front panel. A watch dog timer keeps track of any run away programs due to excessive noise or other malfunctions. The unit also has a power line filter designed in to provide trouble free operation in harsh industrial environment.