URM series relay module is a very versatile instrument that is used for switching up to eight 15 ampere loads using low level input signals from PLCs, process controllers, indicators, motor starters etc. Its extremely flexible inputs will accept a wide variety of control signals. Selectable input allows activation of output relays on direct acting or reverse acting signal. Similarly, input signals can range from 5vdc to 24vdc. Conditioning of input allows open collector or logic level inputs (e.g. TTL, CMOS etc) from PLCs or controllers to be used for switching output relays. In addition to working with control/logic level signals, another very useful feature of URM is activation of output relays on contact closure.

A lot of process control instruments have low power relays installed in them which provide a relay contact closure for low amperage switching but are not suitable for handling heavy loads. In such applications, URM series comes in handy. Simply connect the low power relay contact output to URM unit and instantly you have up to eight 15 ampere load switching relays.

Input and output connections are made through euro style pluggable connectors which are conveniently located on the top and bottom of the unit. screw in terminals allow for quick connect/disconnect of wires.

The unit is housed in a versatile enclosure which can be configured for mounting on a DIN rail or on a wall. If desired, the same enclosure can be panel mounted with relay, AC and DC supply status visible on the front. LEDs on the front panel turn on when a relay is energized.

Two different versions are offered in this series. First one is URM400 which has four relay outputs. The second one is URM800 which has eight relay outputs. Both units come with a built-in universal power supply. It operates from 100vac to 240vac. This power supply provides power not only to the internal electronics and relays but has up to 20watts (5, 12 or 24vdc) available for external applications by the user.