PTC is a very flexible temperature controller which offers the ease of an ON/OFF controller as well as the precision of a full blown PID controller. For those jobs that do not require the complexity of a PID control, the unit can be programmed to work as a simple ON/OFF controller. For processes that require close temperature conformity, the unit can be run under full PID control. Selectable heat or cool mode allows the unit to be used for either heating (direct acting) or cooling (reverse acting).

The unit has the capability of accepting five different ramp and soak programs, each one with up to ten segments. Separate pass-codes are required for selecting or entering a program. This keeps the operators from making any inadvertent changes. Manual hold feature allows for an indefinite hold any where along the ramp/soak profile. Also offered is a manual set-point entry mode for a quick 'ramp to set-point' function. This eliminates entering a complete ramp/soak program.

Maximum and minimum temperature readings are constantly tracked and can be helpful in fine tuning PID parameters, quality control or monitoring unattended processes e.g. overnight. Four process alarms (optional) are also featured (relays or open collector), which are programmable over the entire range of selected input type. They can be configured as latching or non-latching, normally open or normally closed. Also provided are two timers with open collector outputs (optional) that work independently or in conjunction with process limits e.g. turning on a fan ten minutes after limit 1 temperature is reached. The time function keeps track of process run time.

PTC also functions as a very flexible rate monitor, indicating instantaneous as well as average rate of temperature change. Programmable time base allows the rate to be displayed in per second, minute, hour or any other interval. Also, the unit can be programmed for a rate alarm. This allows control of a process if a predetermined rate is exceeded or not achieved.

Additional features include a built-in buzzer which comes on whenever a limit is reached. Visual indication of relay output status is given by LEDs on the front panel. The unit has a power line filter designed in to provide trouble free operation in harsh industrial environment. A watch dog timer keeps track of any run away programs.