The DTM series offers two completely independent channels for temperature monitoring. Totally front key programmable, these units can be programmed to display different type of thermocouples on each channel e.g. Channel 1 can be set to display type ‘K’ thermocouple, while Channel 2 could be displaying temperature from a type ‘J’ thermocouple. Also, each channel can be programmed to display in either degree’s Centigrade or Fahrenheit.

If desired, the display can be held indefinitely on either channel or automatically scan between the readings on two Channels. Channel display time is programmable and can be set any where from 1 to 999 seconds.

Each Channel on DTM units constantly tracks high and low temperature readings. This feature is useful if the process is not being continuously watched, or must be left unattended e.g. overnight. Temperature extremes are automatically stored and may be displayed with the touch of a key. These stored peaks can be reset to current process temperature at any time, thus allowing retracking of process from a new point.

Four temperature alarms, two for each Channel, are also featured by this series. Additionally, each Channel has one audio/Visual alarm. This alarm turns on an LED on the front panel as well as activates the Buzzer. The buzzer also comes on whenever relay/solidstate outputs are activated. The outputs can be programmed as normally open/noramally closed and latching/non-latching.

Another useful function on these units is the display of Channel differentials. This can be displayed as C1-C2 or C2-C1. Also calculated by the unit is rate of temperature change on each Channel. Time base for this rate is programmable and can be set in seconds.

Process run time is monitored and can be displayed by pushing the TIME key. Display format is HH.MM.SS. This elapsed time can be reset for retracking of time from a new point.