About us...
Incorporated in 1983, Kaif Digital has been on the forefront of bringing state-of-the-art Control Instruments to the Industry. Based on the premises of offering products that provide high functionality, compact design and ease of use, Kaif has developed products that offer one of the best price/performance ratio in the industry. Kaif Digital is located in Scottsdale AirPark in Scottsdale, Arizona. All its products are designed and manufactured at its facility in Scottsdale. Due to complete in-house design capability, which includes both hardware and software development, Kaif is able to offer Custom products at standard prices with very little overhead for product design/modifications. Kaif Digital manufactures custom products for OEMs and offers private labeling for large volume users.

Included in the range of products are Single and Multi-Channel controllers (PTC and MPC Series ). All our Process Controllers (single as well as multi-zone) offer simple ON/OFF as well as PID control as standard. Process Monitors include instruments for temperature indication (PTM, ISCAN and DCM Series). These units are available for Thermocouples, Thermistors and RTD sensors as well as loop current, milli-volt and voltage signals. For measurements from Pressure Transducers, Strain gauges, Load Cells etc., PPM, DCM and ISCAN series can be used. These units accept voltage, current or Milli-volt signals and offer front key scaling for easy viewing of the readings in engineering units. They also offer built-in limits/alarms as well as a number of very useful functions such as Min/Max readings, rate of change of process etc. A very unique and useful series is the DCM series. These two channel units can display two analog channels, two pulse channels or a combination of a pulse and an analog channel. Thus, flow and temperature, flow and pressure or temperature and humidity can be easily displayed on one unit .The CRM Series functions like four instrument in one. These units can be used for monitoring frequency, rate, RPM or as very versatile Counters.

In addition to controllers/Monitors, Kaif also offers low cost products for Power Line Monitoring (PS Series), Computer and fax/modem surge protection (PM Series) and a Universal Relay Module (URM Series) which provides switching capability of 4/8 loads, each up to 15 ampere.

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